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Why Lightning Trailers?

For more information about the full line

of Lightning Trailersr go to www.lightningtrailers.com

Here are the TOP TEN reasons

why a Lightning Trailer

is the best trailer on the

market today.

1 year limited warranty

on Lightning enclosed trailer models.

1.Aluminum Frame = Fuel Savings

& Increased Payload Capacity

Aluminum Frames weigh

considerably less than steel

frames. The result is better

fuel mileage and greater

payload capacity.

2.Quality Aluminum Components

Lightning Trailers uses the finest

quality aluminum for our trailers.

Proper alloys are critical for

corrosion resistance and producing

long lasting aluminum trailers.

3.L.E.D Exterior Lights

Standard on all Lightning models,

L.E.D. lights draw less power

from your vehicle’s battery,

have longer life expectancy,

and shine much brighter.

4.1-pc. Aluminum Roof

Our standard one piece

Aluminum roof is wrapped

completely over the edge to

provide superior leak protection.

(N/A on Avalanche Models)

5.Powder Coated Bar Locks

Our bar locks are zinc coated

first and then are powder coated

to provide you with 2 layers of

corrosion resistance.

6.Nitrogen Filled Tires/

Roadside Assistance

Nitrogen filled tires run cooler

leading to increased tire life.

Roadside Assistance is included

on all Lightning models, giving you

peace of mind for the road ahead. 

7.Ramp Door Bulb Seal Trim

Our rubber, automotive style bulb

seal is integrated directly into the

aluminum trim offering better

protection and longer life than

industry standard foam tape.

8.Dexter Axles

with over 50 years

in business, is a recognized

leader in axle manufacturing.

Service is available nationwide

in both the U.S. and Canada.

9.3/8" Drymax Walls by GP

Standard on most models; Drymax

walls provide better protection

against moisture, better durability,

and a more uniform finish than

standard plywood.

10.Superior Craftsmanship

Lightning Trailers “ONLY” builds

aluminum framed trailers. We use

quality components and a workforce

with over 20 years of aluminum

manufacturing experience to build

great, quality trailers.